The legendary and beautiful Tbilisi – where to begin?

The capital of Georgia is a truly special place, with centuries of history behind it, it has a little bit of everything for everyone.

Churches, museums, history & culture, nightlife… Take your pick, Tbilisi has it.

With so much history behind it, the city has evolved and changed quite a bit. Tbilisi’s history is now reflected in its diverse architecture, and the mix of the old and the new.

To better understand this contrast, you only have to look at Old Tbilisi and the crazy new innovative architecture in the capital (whether it be the Bank of Georgia headquarters or the Peace Bridge).

Tbilisi overview information

The legend of Tbilisi

To start from the beginning, Tbilisi’s history ranges all the way from the 5th century, with a legend that could very well be out of a fairytale. This makes sense when you think about it, because Tbilisi really is magical.

According to legend, Tbilisi was founded by King Vakhtang Gorgasali.

While out hunting, the king’s hawk caught a pheasant, and both birds fell into one of the many hot springs there and died. King Vakhtang was so impressed with the discovery that he decided to clear out the trees and build a city in the location.

The name ‘Tbilisi’ derives from the old Georgian word ‘Tpili’ – meaning warm. The “Warm Location” moniker was given because of the sulfuric hot springs that are still used for public baths to this day.

Since its foundation, Tbilisi has been through quite a lot.

Backstory & Tbilisi now

Because of its location and connection to trade routes, the city has withstood a lot of invasions: from Mongols and Iranians to Russians. Now, you can see both Middle Eastern and European influences in Tbilisi.

After having been through so much, the capital now stands proud, welcoming everyone with open arms.

Speaking of which, if there’s one thing the locals are known for, it’s their hospitality.

With centuries-old traditions, Georgians have always held the belief that “every guest is a gift from God” (Georgian proverb). If you ever get the chance to end up in a Georgian supra (feast), you just might get the most authentic Georgian experience there is – being rewarded with a good time, delicious food and mouth-watering wine.

If we were to continue talking about Georgian traditions, we’d probably be here the whole night.

So, trust us when we say Georgia is rich in culture, and the people are deeply proud of this, they’ll be sure to remind you of this at every opportunity too.

Tbilisi general information about Georgian capital
General information about Tbilisi

At the end of the day, your Tbilisi adventure depends entirely on you, what you want to see and experience, how you like to have fun and so on. You can seek out the beautiful historical sites, explore the museums and culture, get lost in timeless architecture, or you could indulge in the ever-growing famous nightlife of the city.

Nightlife in Tbilisi

Among the churches and the rich culture, there is a fast-growing nightlife side that has been often named as one of the most popular in Europe. And nighttime really is when Tbilisi comes alive. As the sun goes down, the many bars and clubs shine brightly in the city.

Downtown Tbilisi truly has a lot to offer. Access to restaurants, pubs and cafes is convenient and there is no shortage of them either. Everything is close and usually within walking distance, which is great because Tbilisi is especially beautiful when you’re taking a pleasant stroll through the streets during the night. When the lights are bright, illuminating your path and the green mountains are complementing the horizon, it makes for a memorable view.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what Tbilisi has to offer. There is so much more to the city that is difficult to put into words. You simply have to experience it. And all this is just one city. Those who are brave and courageous enough to venture outside the capital – expect adventures and sights beyond your imagination.