FAQ: Tours to Georgia 

When to travel to Georgia?

Georgia is a 4-season country in terms of travel. Depending on your interest tours can run literally any time of the year. 

* SUMMER: Arguably the most popular and busy period. With our Georgia tour itineraries we try as much as possible to minimize time spent on most crowded tourist attractions. Instead we include more nature and rural villages visits. Summer is also a great time to enjoy Georgian Black Sea coast. 

* AUTUMN: Amazing weather conditions in September and October make it probably the best time to visit. But again, it all depends on what you’re looking for. If your traveling interest is in young wine, for instance, then these months are a perfect option. Georgian unique traditional winemaking is gaining momentum in its popularity now.

* WINTER: Although skiing in Georgia is probably the most popular option to look at, we urge travelers to consider other experiences too. On the edge of two seasons (during November and December) there is an amazing opportunity to learn about famous Georgian tangerines. Full day tangerine harvesting experience is something you will definitely remember. And, if combined with other activities, it is a complete Georgia tour. 

* SPRING: As promoters of responsible travel and sustainable tourism we insist on coming this time of a year. If you up for some farming experiences Georgia is a perfect destination. Apart from awakening nature Spring gives you a handful of opportunities to experience real country. Our farm tours is just one of them.

How safe is Georgia?

Georgia is one of the safest countries in the world right now. Numbeo, the world’s largest cost of living database, has released its Crime Index by Country 2020 mid-year in which Georgia is the world’s fourth safest country and the safest country of Europe. 

Any references from previous travelers?

If you would like to know what our past tourists thought about the tours we organize, please kindly visit our review pages on TripAdvisor and Google. Some of our previous guests were really generous to leave their impressions of the journey and evaluation of our services. 

What anti COVID-19 measures are in place?

We closely follow all Georgian government regulations and updates regarding the novel coronavirus spread in the country. Safety of our travelers is a priority and we currently are making sure that all of our travelers are provided with face masks and hand sanitizers (free of charge).

In addition to that we have completely re-analyzed all accommodation providers we work with. Starting from now on we only cooperate with hotels and guesthouses that also follow government regulations in regards to COVID-19 prevention. 

On our small group tours we make sure that social distance is observed inside minibuses. We don’t load them to a full capacity.  

Do guides speak English?

Yes, all the guides on our standard private and individual tours and small group tours, as well as our travel consultants speak English. All the activities will be guided in English as well (or interpreted by your guide). You may request your tour to be in another language.

What type of accommodation is available?

Based on sustainable tourism concept, we try to work with small, family-run, eco-friendly guesthouses, B&Bs and boutique and local hotels wherever possible. If not requested, we do not offer big brand or international chain hotels. Depending on the level of comfort you choose, we will book a B&B or a hotel (3 to 5 stars) for your stay. Accommodation options are provided at a later stage of a tour booking process. 

All accommodation options are clean, comfortable, safe and with access to basic facilities like free wifi internet, air-conditioning, hot water and breakfast.  

Standard check-in time for the majority of hotels in Georgia is 2pm. And check-out time is 12pm. If you’d like an early check-in or late check-out, just let your Geotrend travel consultant know and we will try to arrange it. Please note that in most cases early check-in, as well as late check-out may require additional charges. 

What kind of food is included in standard tour?

Breakfast is always included, be it in a hotel or within the local communities. Meal types may vary depending on accommodation locations. When you live within the local communities, you will eat their traditional, local foods.  

For lunches we focus on farm-to-table concept. Our tours are programmed in a way so you can still get new experiences and visit places even when having lunch. Our travelers get something new and keep being responsible travelers at the same time by providing support to locals. 

If you are vegetarian or have any special dietary requirements, just let us know when filling in the tour request form, so we are able to prepare special meals for you wherever possible. However, please kindly note that this may be limited in some cases.

What shall we bring on a tour?

When traveling to Georgia do not forget to have your passport and travel insurance. We also advice you to bring comfortable walking shoes, reusable water bottle, sun protection, insect repellent, sun glasses and hat. Things like swimwear, flip-flops and travel towel may come in handy.

Late Autumn, early Spring and Winter: wind and waterproof jacket, warm clothes, warm socks, fleece, hat, gloves, scarf.

Early Autumn, late Spring and Summer: light shirts with long and short sleeves, comfortable trousers made of cotton or a light synthetic material (bring at least two sets of light clothes which can be washed and dried easily), shorts, rain coat.

What if there is a complaint?

If you have a complaint whilst on tour, please bring it to our attention immediately. We will do our best to rectify it. You should, first of all, let your guide know if there is any situation that is in any way unpleasant for you. If possible he/she will deal with the situation right away. Alternatively our travel consultants will be acting on the issue. 

What if I have pre-existing medical conditions?

If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, please make sure you let us know when booking or making an enquiry. We will work with you to create a tour that suits your requirements.

What to do in case of emergency?

Before the tour, we will provide you with your travel consultant’s local phone number that you can call at any time to get assistance in English. Additionally, our guide will always be with you during the tour, so he/she is your first point of contact in such cases. 

Please refer to the ‘Health and travel insurance’ section of our Terms and Conditions for full information.

What is meant by responsible travel in Georgia?

We design all our tour programs around the concept of responsible tourism. So every time you travel with us you contribute to the development of local communities in Georgia, to sustain livelihood of local people, and our lovely team of guides and drivers. 

Making it simple – it is a way of travel that demonstrates respect for the people, culture and environment you’re visiting. Traveling responsibly is less about the destination but more about what you do when you get there. Responsible travel is a choice of people with higher level of environmental and cultural awareness.

Responsible tourism in Georgia
Geotrend’s responsible travel policy

How responsible travel is implemented?

Implementation of Responsible Tourism on the actual tour commences once our representative meets you at Tbilisi International Airport and checks you into your hotel. Geotrend only partners with hotels that operate using ecofriendly practices such as recycling and energy saving. Additionally, we employ eco-friendly hybrid vehicles (or those with modern exhaust system) that will transport you and your tour group members from the airport to hotel in Tbilisi, and further down the tour program.

It would be very selfish for tour travels to overload local infrastructure and inconvenience local communities in the name of promoting Georgia’s tourism sector. That is why we promote small group tours in Georgia and Caucasus. Most importantly, small groups enable us to enforce zero litter policies in every ecosystem and attraction destination in our itineraries. For example, to cut down plastic pollution, each of our travelers is provided with a free Responsible Traveler Kit that includes a reusable water bottle, and a bamboo-made toothbrush.

Read more about our responsible travel practices in Georgia. 

How can I become a responsible traveler?

We took a liberty of putting together some responsible traveler tips (these can be applied to any travel destination in the world, and not only Georgia): 
* Lower carbon footprint
* Choose sustainable accommodation
* Be water-wise
* Eat local, shop local
* Take only photos, leave only footprints

If you’d like to learn more about the tips above, please read our guide on being a responsible traveler. 

If you have your own question, please feel free to fill out the form below and our travel management consultant will be in touch with you shortly with an answer: