When to travel?

Georgia is a 4-season country in terms of travel. Depending on your interest tours can run literally any time of the year.

* SUMMER: Arguably the most popular and busy period. With our Georgia tour itineraries we try as much as possible to minimize time spent on most crowded tourist attractions. Instead we include more nature and rural villages visits. Summer is also a great time to enjoy Georgian Black Sea coast.

* AUTUMN: Amazing weather conditions in September and October make it probably the best time to visit. But again, it all depends on what you’re looking for. If your traveling interest is in young wine, for instance, then these months are a perfect option. Georgian unique traditional winemaking is gaining momentum in its popularity now.

* WINTER: Although skiing in Georgia is probably the most popular option to look at, we urge travelers to consider other experiences too. On the edge of two seasons (during November and December) there is an amazing opportunity to learn about famous Georgian tangerines. Full day tangerine harvesting experience is something you will definitely remember. And, if combined with other activities, it is a complete Georgia tour.

* SPRING: As promoters of responsible travel and sustainable tourism we insist on coming this time of a year. If you up for some farming experiences Georgia is a perfect destination. Apart from awakening nature Spring gives you a handful of opportunities to experience real country. Our farm tours is just one of them.

How to get to Georgia?

By all means! 🙂 Literally.

You can fly to Georgia, drive by car via Turkey, Russia, Armenia or Azerbaijan, or by train from Azerbaijan and Armenia, and even by sea.

  • FLIGHTS: Georgia has three major international airports. In Tbilisi, capital city, Kutaisi and Batumi. Growing number of international airlines, both regular and budget, are launching direct flights. They connect Georgia with Europe, Asia and America. Recent addition is regular flights from Italy and Germany by Ryanair.
  • TRAINS: International trains are running regularly from Baku (Azerbaijan) and Yerevan (Armenia). So, if you already in one of those cities, or have plans to be there – there is an easy way to book your ticket online.

What type of tours does GEOTREND organize?

We organize several different tour types, such as:

– Individual and private day tours in Georgia (with start and end in Tbilisi) – see the options;
– Individual and private multi-day Georgia tours (ranging from 2-day up to 8-day tour programs) – see the options;
– Wine tours in Georgia (2-day weekend wine tour, 6-day and 7-day wine tours) – see the options;
– Group Georgia tours with guaranteed fixed departure dates and fixed price – see tour description;
– South Caucasus (Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia) private tours – see the options;
– Group South Caucasus (Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia) tours with guaranteed fixed departure dates and fixed price – see tour description;
– Business travel, corporate and MICE tours to Georgia – see our MICE page;
– Real-estate tours to Georgia.
We also offer a tailor-made tour itineraries upon request.

What other services does GEOTREND provide?

Being a full-specter travel and destination management company (DMC) in Georgia, GEOTREND also offers its customers the following services:

  • Train tickets reservation in Georgia and within South Caucasus (Azerbaijan and Armenia);
  • Airport transfers, as well as in-country transfers (car with driver rent service) – book your transfer in Georgia now;
  • Georgia hotels booking service;
  • Concierge service for business travelers in Georgia (manage appointments, bookings, deliveries, translation, etc.);
  • All aspects of business tourism to Georgia: events venue and equipment rent, hand-outs preparations, business event management, other MICE-related activities.

What is the cost/price of individual Georgia tours and how it is calculated?

At GEOTREND we strive to keep the balance between best quality and best price (value for money) as much as it is possible, to make our tours affordable to our customers. Tour price based on several things:

  • The level of accommodation chosen. Most of our tour itineraries have two options of accommodation: ~4-5 star hotels (Option A), and ~3+ star hotels (Option B);
  • The total number of travelers that our guests are on tour with. The more people traveling the less is price per person;
  • Other fixed and variable costs of the tour: such as tour guide fee, transportation cost, entrance tickets to sites mentioned in an itinerary, etc.

What is the cost/price of group Georgia and South Caucasus tours?

Price of our group tours with booked departure dates are fixed and vary depending on the tour.

Our 8-day Georgia group tour price in 2020 is 990 USD per person; and our 15-day South Caucasus group tour price in 2020 is 2790 USD per person.

What is included into Georgia and South Caucasus tours price?

Tour price inclusions are vary depending on the tour length:

  • Day tours to Georgia price usually include all transfers outlined in a program, English-speaking guide service, lunch (or lunchbox), wine tastings (if within the chosen program), entrance tickets, etc.
  • Multi-day tours to Georgia price mainly include accommodation in the cities/towns as per itinerary, relevant transfers, English-speaking guide service, lunch (or lunchbox), welcome dinner, wine tastings (if within the chosen program), entrance tickets, etc.
  • Group South Caucasus and Georgia tours price include accommodation in the cities/towns as per itinerary, relevant transfers, English-speaking guide service, lunch (or lunchbox), welcome dinner, wine and brandy tastings (if within the chosen program), entrance tickets, etc.

What type of transport (cars, vehicles) are used for the tours by GEOTREND?

Various types of vehicles are used, depending on a number of travelers:

  • For up to 2 travelers: comfortable sedan (aka saloon) type cars;
  • For up to 5 travelers: passenger vans like Mercedes Benz Vito or Volkswagen van;
  • For up to 12 travelers: mini buses like Mercedes Sprinter or Volkswagen LT46;
  • From 12 travelers, onwards: comfortable buses with relevant number of seats.

If you have your own question, please feel free to fill out the form below and our travel management consultant will be in touch with you shortly with an answer: