The Tbilisi Flea Market is a whole different world inside Tbilisi that attracts people of all crowds to join in the fun.

From hipsters to entrepreneurs, everyone has their own booth, selling whatever they can get their hands on. It’s the perfect place for anyone looking for a unique little gift or a souvenir.

The Market is free (meaning anyone can set up shop), completely universal and a magical place. If you’d love to buy Georgian accessories or sell handmade crafts, this is the place for you.

Tbilisi flea market

The people behind it

The culture of the place is as relaxed as it can get. Though you’ll more likely to find young people there who started out in Tbilisi, the culture has expanded and now markets can be found outside Tbilisi as well.

But the magic of the flea market culture goes even further. For one, it’s not just about the money.

The market inspires a certain sense of community and culture among the people. Whether it’s the entrepreneurs looking to gain an extra buck or those simply looking to give away extra stuff, they’re all in it together.

After all, there is a reason the flea market is a common occurrence and doesn’t just happen once a year. In short: it’s fun. Even if you’re not looking to buy or sell anything, simply taking a stroll through the market is a sure way to find something that will definitely to catch your eye.

A sense of community

And it’s not just a “Georgian” thing either. There are just as many, if not more, foreigners and tourists with their own booths and stalls open. This adds an additional sense of diversity to the market and is great way to meet other people. Not only does it bring the whole community together but it also is a great way for foreigners to get involved with the locals.

From Georgian drinking horns and Soviet-era memorabilia to vintage costume jewelry, it really has a little bit of everything. It’s an easy way to get lost among all the unique things you’ll find there for at least an hour or two. Everything is laid out on the ground, carefully arranged on sheets of material. While one person might be trying to sell you their old clothes, their neighbor might be selling jewelry.

Important tips

Of course, it’s important to bring cash, and be ready to haggle – especially if you’re not a local.

And if you do decide to go there, it’s best to check the weather in advance, and get there early.

Weekends usually attract more sellers and buyers, so if you want to avoid the crowds of people, you might want to get there earlier, at around 10am or so. And people usually start to disappear at around 5-6pm or so.

The only way to see future Tbilisi Flea Market openings is through the Facebook page, and keep an eye out for future events.