Day tours from Tbilisi

Day tours from Tbilisi programs cover most significant landmarks of the area, so you can easily fulfill your inner-tourist desires. From the list below choose the tour you would like to take.

All you would need to do is fill out the form indicating the date you wish to take it on, as well as number of travelers in your group. Our consultant will be in touch with you right away with details.

Most popular tour programs

One day farm tour in Georgia

1 Day | Atskuri, Georgia | All year round | ~9-10 hours

One day farm tour to the village of Atskuri in Georgia (near the town of Borjomi). Dive into the life of Georgian farm and see how locals make their living. With this amazing day tour we offer our guests to experience agricultural life firsthand. 


 In vino veritas | Day tour to unique winery in Georgia

1 Day | Kakheti, Georgia | All year round | ~8 hours

Meet the winemaker, who believes that vines are so much alive that he even prohibits mobile phones around his vineyards, where evolves what he calls a biodynamic wine.


Glass of red Georgian wine

 One day horse riding tour in Georgia

1 Day | Kakheti, Georgia | March-October | ~9 hours

Horseriding is very popular in Georgia and there are plenty of opportunities to ride a horse in different areas of the country. Explore amazingly picturesque and otherworldly East Kakheti landscapes on a horseriding day tour.


tourist and guide on horses in Georgia

One day Bazaleti lake-view village tour

1 Day | Dusheti, Georgia | March-October | ~9-10 hours

Visit real Georgian village on the shores of Bazaleti lake, just 1-hour drive from Tbilisi. Village Mlashe (Georgian – salty) is a home to a brand-new sustainable tourism project – local family-run Salty Garden.


Bazaleti lakeview restaurant and tavern in Georgia one day culinary tour

Why take our tour?

If you’re already in Tbilisi then you should definitely take a guided day tour around the Georgian capital or even travel outside of it for a day. GEOTREND offers a number of exciting travel itineraries and excursions that fit in one day time. One day tours from Tbilisi are an excellent opportunity to discover Georgian…

  • culture,
  • history,
  • traditions
  • and, of course, national pride – winemaking.
Georgia tour Tbilisi

Our day tour options are an ideal way to get familiar with Georgia in a short run. Natural sites, traditional winemaking, picturesque architectural landmarks and traditions of Georgians, even if you have just a day or several hours to spare – you can find a program that would suit you best.

Guided day tour programs are designed that way so you are introduced to both – exciting locations, and local people. Most of the day tour packages include meals made of organic locally sourced products only. In some cases this is a proper lunch on a local farm, or small family-run restaurant; while others are fresh snacks in a convenient lunchbox. Depending on tour itinerary, destination and logistics. Anyway, you won’t have to worry about all the small but important details for your travel in Georgia.

Tailor-made single day tour options

If none of the above day tour programs are suitable for you, or you’ve been lucky enough to have seen it all already – just drop us a note about it. Let us know your specific area of interest, and other details. We will be happy to help you build a perfect day tour in Georgia.

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