Located next to Meidan and Old Tbilisi, Shardeni is one of the more famous streets in Tbilisi and can be best described as a street that’s always alive.

Shardeni Street is a narrow pedestrian street that is filled with cafes, bars, and represents the city’s social and nightlife parts really well. The street was named after the French traveler Jean Chardin, who studied other parts of Georgia as well.

Shardeni street in Tbilisi


There is a lot to do and see in Shardeni, but one of the highlights is its location.

It’s in the heart of Old Tbilisi, but there is nothing ‘old’ about this street. Instead, it’s a very modern and colorful street with a lot of variety, from cafes to nightclubs to hookah bars. The atmosphere and the vibe can be best described as very chilled and comfortable. It is a favorite place for tourists and locals alike.

The whole street is clean and safe, and even if you’re not looking for something in particular, taking a walk along it is a great way to take it in. But sitting there for a drink to relax is a great way to enjoy the environment. There’s always something going on, whether it be wine tasting or some other events.

The Nightlife:

Live music, pub crawls and clubs are just some of the many attractions that start to come alive at night. This combined with the narrow streets and the bright lights, the street transforms and looks very ‘European’.

That said, coming earlier is not a bad idea either. Since there are so many interesting sights that surround the street, you can always see the beautiful Narikala Fortress or the waterfall first and then unwind at Shardeni.

General information:

Since the street prides itself on being fancy and a tourist attraction, prices can range from moderate to more high-end.

If you’re planning to see Shardeni, you should definitely enjoy Old Tbilisi, Abanotubani and other ancient surrounding districts as well since they’re so close. Plan ahead so you have enough time since you can very easily get lost in Old Tbilisi.

How to get there

  • Metro from Liberty Square or Avlabari, and walk.
  • Taxi, bus or marshrutka (minibus).