There are more and more travelers looking for trips, tours and excursions in Georgia that not just general “learning about” experience, but that would match their specific interests, goals and needs. Booking a tour around a particular theme provides tourist with unique opportunity for a true connection with Georgia, its traditions, people’s lifestyle, specific areas, or special interests and travel objectives. Our travel company offers a number of themed travel formats: themed tours, participation tours, and special interest trips. 

Theme tours 

One of our theme tours type of packages are based on probably the most famous Georgian highlight – traditional winemaking. If interested, you may choose from one of the three standard packages we have (weekend wine tour, or 6- or 7-day long tour package); otherwise send us a request according to your requirements and preferences. Basically, every single corner of Georgia possesses its own winemaking techniques, with Kakheti region, Alazani valley being a major location for such travel. Our wine tour guides, being truly Georgians, too have at least one family member who is engaged in amazing and close-to-magic traditional Georgian winemaking.  

Our operations are all about eco-tourism. It is a great pleasure to get requests from people that not only want to travel, but also are very keen to contribute to the local communities development, care about the environment of Georgia, and don’t want their trip to leave a negative impact on the rural areas they visit. It is our hope and ultimate goal to build all of our tour packages and travel activities in Georgia and South Caucasus around the concept of responsible tourism by the year of 2020. Meanwhile, if requested, a special eco-tour in Georgia is organized by our company which includes trips to the most beautiful parts of Georgia, hiking activities, staying in the carefully selected most nature-friendly accommodations including rural home-stays, etc.     

Participation tours 

It’s increasingly popular now among travelers in the world to book a place with a take-an-active-part format themed tours. Geotrend is one of the very few travel agencies that accommodates this type of requests in Georgia. Following one of the major missions of our company, to support local community and their sustainable development through tourism, we are very delighted to offer farm and agricultural tour packages. By taking this type of tours our guests receive an opportunity to experience true Georgia, learn more about how people live, about local traditions firsthand. Staying a couple of days with a local family engaged in farming and agricultural activities not only provides a tourist with authentic lifelong memories, but also brings a great deal of support and motivation to the local people.    

Group retreat and team-building tours and activities are yet another important part of our operations in Georgia. Engaging quest-type tours of major historical and traditional highlights of Georgia (both outdoor and indoor), as well as fun and unique activities, such as river rafting, hiking trips, forest picnics, jeep tours, winemaking – are all a great tools for any group or team to spend an amazing time together. Our MICE consultants are ready to assist groups of any size and travel goals. 


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