Lopota Lake is in the north of the Alazani Valley, surrounded by the thick forests and the mighty Caucasus Mountains. At the beginning of the 19th century, on the lands around the lake that belonged to the noble Alexander Chavchavadze, roses were cultivated. During Russian imperial rule, the cultivation of roses resulted in the first rose oil factory. The perfume made there was renowned not only in Georgia, but as far afield as France. During the Soviet Regime, the factory was demolished and the plants destroyed.

Lopota Lake Resort in Kakheti

Lopota Lake Resort and Spa

 In 2006, the territory around the lake was privatized and the first hotel was built. Nowadays, there are 10 hotel buildings, where standard, semi-lux, and lux rooms can accommodate more than 200 guests. As the territory gradually developed, the natural and calm atmosphere of the resort was preserved.

Lopota Lake Resort provides leisure activities for people of different backgrounds, ages and interests. There are four pools for kids and adults, five bars and restaurants, seven types of spa and fitness, a mini-golf course, tennis court, and fishing embankment.

What to do at Lopota Lake Resort and Spa:

  • There are seven distinct types of Spa. Activities include Forest Spa, Russian Sauna, Detox, Yoga, indoor and outdoor pool, and fitness center.
  • Wine Cellar – taste the finest Georgian wines, explore the history of viticulture and discover the ancient and unique wine-making technique, the Qvevri.
  • Outdoor Cinema – enjoy a selection of films by the lakeside.
  • Sports Activities – include tennis, pool, mini-golf, cycling around the lake, fishing and horse riding.

Best time to visit the Lopota Lake Resort and Spa: Late August – Mid-October.

How to get to Lopota Lake Resort and Spa:

  • Tbilisi – Telavi (120km)
    • Marshutka (minibus)
    • Taxi
  • Telavi – Lopota Lake Resort and Spa (25km)
  • Taxi

Lopora Lake Resort on the map