Group tours to Georgia

Being a responsible traveler

Responsible traveler is a term that now many travel companies worldwide use. We want to highlight some of the points that identify a traveler who wants to be engaged in much-needed currently responsible traveling. It is now a known fact that many tourism destinations worldwide, including Georgia, are facing such global problem as over-tourism. This, in most cases, leads to a bigger problem of local environment damage. Tourism companies are among those who are responsible for preservation and conservation of places they sell tours to. Sustainable and responsible tourism is all about that.  

Visiting and discovering new countries like Georgia, and learning about its culture, and experiencing new things is something that may change your perspective on life in general. But, at the same time, understanding the importance of being a responsible traveler is vital. Travel companies as well as travelers need to ensure that tours also leave a positive impact on the places. Responsible travel and sustainable tourism are topics on a rise right now. Tours to Georgia are gaining momentum and with more and more people visiting Georgia, this is something that everyone should consider before taking on a holiday deal in Georgia.

We took a liberty of putting together some responsible traveler tips (these can be applied to any travel destination in the world, and not only Georgia): 

Lower Your Carbon Footprint

While governments are still debating about wether to tackle climate change or not, this is already a reality. Climate change is unfortunately happening. And there are small things you can do to offset your impact when you travel. Instead of taking a taxi to get around when you’re traveling, consider other options for public transport, train, or use our services – as we employ only hybrid engine vehicles or those with the most eco-friendly exhaust systems. And in order to further reduce the negative impact in Georgia, we are now working on the series of “Georgia by rail” tour programs.

Choose Sustainable Accommodation 

When planning our Georgia tour itineraries we always consider to support businesses that are doing their part to protect the environment. For instance, when choosing accommodation options in Georgia, we look for ones that have a commitment to conscious water use, recycling materials, minimizing waste and supporting local farmers. This type of tours may cost a little bit more than that of our competitors, but by spending your tourist dollars on such journeys you’re too making an effort to protect our world and help us show other businesses that this is a model worth supporting.

Be Water Wise

Some say that drinking water is a next big commodity in the world. Most of us take clean water existence for granted. Do your part as a responsible traveler by having short showers, always carry a reusable water bottle to refill, use filter system where possible, and if you have to buy water always purchase the biggest jug you can rather than small bottles. On our part, we provide our guests with what we call a “responsible traveler kit”. It includes reusable water bottle and bamboo-made toothbrush. At the same time making sure that our clients don’t use plastic alternatives. 

Eat Local, Shop Local

One of the most enjoyable ways to be a responsible traveler is to get into the small, local establishments to do all the shopping and eating. Dining places suggested on our tours are all small private businesses that rely on international tourists. Besides fully immersing yourself in Georgia, choosing to eat and shop in small businesses rather than big chains helps inject your budgeted spendings directly into the local economy. Our responsible travel policy reflects exactly that. And, finally, when by yourself skip the multinational take-away burgers and famous brands on your travels. Instead grab a chair in a hole-in-the-wall diner and do all your souvenir shopping from a family-run business. Our guides in Georgia will be happy to suggest best locations. 

Take Only Photographs, Leave Only Footprints

Unfortunately while traveling in Georgia you may come across a problem with rubbish. And whilst Georgian government is trying its best to solve the issue, you too can do your bit to minimize your own impact by saying no to things like plastic bags, single-use straws and cups, carrying out all rubbish you have when on hikes, and even going one step further and picking up trash you find in Georgian national parks or on Black Sea beaches. Every little bit helps, so make sure you leave every place you visit in the same, or better, condition than when you arrived.