$1.6 million project to support Ecotourism in Georgia

National parks of Georgia and Ecotourism segment are getting a massive development boost. Much needed in light of international visitor’s growth prospect. United States Department of the Interior (DOI) has been providing assistance on critical conservation efforts across Europe. And it is a timely initiative now to support development of Georgia’s National park’s infrastructure for recreation and tourism.

International tourists with a higher level of environmental awareness are turning their eyes on Georgia. The country has a lot to offer. And Protected areas are a true gem.  

Mountain river in Lagodekhi park Georgia

River in Lagodekhi Protected Areas

With the support of the USAID in Georgia, a new project for the development of protected areas called “National Parks and Eco-Tourism” was launched in Autumn 2019. The 5-year project will reportedly cost 1.6 million US dollars.

“As part of the strategic Georgian-American partnership, the US Embassy has long been happy to help Georgia develop a sustainable economy. Protection and development of natural territories is one of the components of economic development. I am pleased that with the support of USAID, we are launching a new project to promote the development of Georgian protected areas, improve the governance system and sustainable development. This project will be very important for the economic development and sustainability of local communities”, said US Ambassador to Georgia Elisabeth Rood.

USAID Mission Director added that the Agency has identified specific goals and objectives for Georgia, which are aimed at building the country’s potential.

“Protected areas are the treasures of Georgia that need protection and development. The project is also important in terms of creating jobs and stimulating economic growth in the country. It will serve as another example of our support to Georgia”, said Peter Wibler.

Here at Geotrend we couldn’t be happier with the news. As responsible travel and sustainable tourism development in Georgia gets broader support and promotion.