In vino veritas | Day tour to unique winery in Georgia

One day
  • wine tasting tour set up in Ruispiri biodynamic winery in Kakheti georgia


Day tour to unique Georgian winery

It’s simply impossible to imagine a tour in Georgia without a winery visit. Most probably you’ve already tried a Georgian wine. Maybe you have even visited a handful of local marani’s. So that is exactly why we have decided to introduce something really special.

From the winemaker, who believes that vines are so much alive that he even prohibits mobile phones around his vineyards, evolves what he calls a biodynamic wine. Come with us and feel for yourself how different this soft (yes, you read this right!) qvevri-made wine is from all the rest you’ve tasted already.

Day tour to Georgian winery program is a perfect option for a single day holiday in Georgia. Allow yourself a new experience with this amazing journey. See tour itinerary for details. 


Tour program

This day tour program commences from your selected pick-up location in Tbilisi.

Our guide and driver will be ready for you to depart at 9:00 am. The journey then follows a fascinating road through the Gombori mountain pass (elevation 1.639 m/5,377 ft). Make a short photo/tea/coffee stop at the highest point of the road — picturesque views over the mountains range and green hills guaranteed.

Dzveli Shuamta Monastery

Down the road you will arrive at a site that is located inside a gorgeous forest. Dzveli (Old) Shuamta Monastery attracts people with its architectural simplicity, magical location and serenity. Old Shuamta is an architectural complex consisting of three churches, monastic houses and utilities. There is a basilica built in the 5th century – one of the oldest Christian buildings in Georgia. The next constructions were built in the 7th century in the form of domed churches, based on cross-like foundations, which is both symbolic and also one of the distinctive qualities of churches built at that time.

Ruispiri biodynamic winery

In about 20-minute drive from the Monastery you will arrive to the village of Ruispiri. Visit a small biodynamic organic wine cellar. Here you will not just learn all about traditional Georgian winemaking traditions, but also see and, most importantly, taste how these traditions are melted into unique winemaking experiments.

By far, wines that are “grown” here are the softest among all qvevri-made wines our team has tried in Georgia. Giorgi, the winemaker, believes in a soul of his vines, and cherishes them as human beings. They do actually pay him back with amazingly tasteful juice of Rkatsiteli, Khikhvi and Saperavi.

Wine tasting wouldn’t be complete without delicious Georgian meals and salads served. Choice of dishes compliments wines so perfect that you won’t be willing to end this experience.

And all this is accompanied by an amazing view over Alazani valley and Caucasus mountains range.

Telavi local bazar

This is an optional choice, at no extra cost. After having a feast in Ruispiri, you will be offered to make a stop in Telavi’s local bazar (market). This is an ideal place to buy yourself fresh fruits, local spices, or the most delicious cheese.

Return to Tbilisi, to the location of your choice.   

Tour duration: from 8 to 10 hours. 


During One Day Tours Accommodation Is Not Provided

Price options

Minimum number of travelers – 2

Maximum number of travelers – 12

Number of travelers Price per person, in USD*
2 185
3 160
4 140
5 130
6 125
7 120
8 115
9 110
10 105
11 100
12 95

*Payment is also accepted in Georgian Lari (GEL) at the National Bank of Georgia exchange rate on the date of payment.

Tour price includes:

  • Transportation on a comfortable vehicle with air-conditioning
  • English-speaking guide to accompany travelers
  • Wine tasting
  • Lunch (2 salads, 2 main meals, Georgian bread)