vine fields in Georgia

MyWine is your wine

Geotrend continues to take active part in local initiatives that are focused on supporting local communities, small entrepreneurs, farming and agriculture. Being a responsible tourism followers we carefully select projects and ideas that would benefit local communities through tourism. 

Our selection of Georgia wine tours are a perfect example of this approach. And now we are honored to become supporters of a small but surely to-be-successful initiative of promoting Georgian indigenous vines among international audience. 

MyWine – is an opportunity for our travelers to not only enjoy Georgian wine while in Georgia. This is a chance to support local winemaking by financing a vine planting. In return, as a supporter, you get a vine under your name in Georgia; and your own branded wine delivered to your home. 

We are three childhood friends: Ilia, Luka, and Bacho from Georgia, the country in which 6000 BC the world’s first wine was produced.
Making wine is our passion. We enjoy finding the right balance between old Georgian tradition and modern winemaking.

Every day we wake up and ask ourselves: “What is it that the whole world needs and our talent can provide?” And this is what motivates us to wake up every day in the early morning and transfer our philosophy into a bottle of wine.

MyWine initiators