Georgia’s Black Sea coast might not be a paradise resort with sandy beaches and lavish hotels, but it certainly has its distinguished charm and authentic characteristics. This is especially true of the small town of Kobuleti, 25km north of Batumi.

The beach at Kobuleti is equipped with comfortable amenities and recreational opportunities such as a paragliding.

As a place for a relaxing holiday, Kobuleti is known for its medical benefits due to its subtropical climate and air filled with essential oils from the local pine and cedar groves in the hinterland.

Kobuleti Adjara Georgia

What to see in Kobuleti:

  • Mtirala National Park – One of the most magnificent parks in Georgia, in the Chaqvi-Kobuleti range, although the main entrance itself is from Chaqvi. It is roughly a 4-minute drive from Kobuleti. The trails are all marked and well-arranged, and there are picnic tables and camping areas. The park offers hiking, horsing, scientific eco-tours.
  • Tsitsinatela Amusement Park –Tsitsinatela (‘firefly’) is an amusement park in Guria (the Ozurgeti Municipality) about a half-hour drive from Kobuleti. It offers various amusement rides for all ages. There are also several dining points inside the park. The operating hours are 6pm to 3am, since it is best to visit the park once the sun sets to enjoy all its flickering lights. Plus, right next to this park there is an amazing “Georgia in miniatures” themed area.
  • Petra Fortress – About 15 minutes from Kobuleti in a small village called Tsikhisdziri, the view from the fortress is one of the most magnificent things about it. Situated on top of a hill, you can see the whole coastline of Kobuleti.
  • Batumi –While Kobuleti has a brilliant small-town vibe, make sure to visit the city of Batumi to experience the more vibrant city life of Adjara. Stroll along the boulevard and visit the dolphinarium.
  • The Sunset – The westerly aspect offers amazing sunsets. Head over to the seashore and watch as the sun descends into the water, exactly in the center of the horizon, and paints the sky in beautiful colors.

Any trip to Adjara should be complemented with some local Adjarian khachapuri, aka “cheese boat” – a ship-shaped bread base, with cheese and egg cooked inside.

Best time to visit: Summer and September.

How to get to Kobuleti:

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