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Tour Georgia like local, rediscover country you live in, save tourism

Our #localoba initiative is about safe travel, bespoke local tours in Georgia, and supporting small businesses in the regions.  

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Georgian shepard and eagle in Georgia

There are people out there curious now, how they can tour Georgia and help local businesses and people involved in tourism, but don’t actually know who needs and deserves their custom… Wondering if their money spent would stay local.

Are you one of those amazing individuals thinking of how you can help the local economy during this challenging time and also visiting all those places you meant to go to, but never had time?

Let us help you! Our #localoba initiative is just about that.

But! Before you join. Here are some things to consider: 

  • We are taking the hassle out of you organising your own travel
  • We are promising you something unique that you most probably wouldn’t find yourself
  • You are helping to keep people’s livelihoods afloat
  • We strive to support our local partners engaged in tourism, and our wonderful team of super talented guides and drivers

Other pleasant benefits:

Use this time to enjoy Georgia while it’s un-spoilt by mass tourism 

Experience that only true Georgia travel enthusiasts would find

Woman on horse riding tours in Georgia

Our approach is responsible travel. You may read more about our travel policy, if not familiar with the concept. Let’s just say that current developments and health safety measures made us even more confident in a rightfulness of our choice back in the days.

As our major rules have always been small groups (hence comfortable distance), eco-friendly transportation, zero litter and no single use plastic on our tours.   

Now, if you decide to go ahead, there are three options you may take on from here:

Tourists picking up tea in Georgia

Shared impressions

Join a small group (of up to 10 travelers at a time) on our fixed dates departure holidays. See tour details

Tourists on local tours in Georgia drinking wine from traditional Georgian wine glasses

Ready-to-go tours

Choose one of our ready-to-go individual tour programs (ranging from exciting 1-day journeys to a full-dive 4-day long weekend getaways). See options


Bespoke tours

Craft your own itinerary by letting us know your travel preferences, aspirations and plans. Contact us

What is #localoba?

Have you noticed that most of our celebration and holiday names have ending -oba in Georgian language? Well, there’s it. Take on a Georgian holiday, tour the country, celebrate yourself being local.

Read more of our thoughts why it is now the time to travel local in Georgia, and support internal tourism.

Individual tour options

Kitchen-garden on Bazaleti lake during one day tour in Georgia

Farm tour

1 Day | Atskuri | ~9-10 hours

One day farm tour to the village of Atskuri in Georgia (near the town of Borjomi). Dive into the life of Georgian farm and see how locals make their living. With this amazing day tour we offer our guests to experience agricultural life firsthand. 

wine tasting tour set up in Ruispiri biodynamic winery in Kakheti georgia

Wine tour

1 Day | Ruispiri | ~8 hours

Meet the winemaker, who believes that vines are so much alive that he even prohibits mobile phones around his vineyards, where evolves what he calls a biodynamic wine.

Salty Garden Tavern on Bazaleti lake in Georgia during one day tour

Lake village tour

1 Day | Mlashe | ~9-10 hours

Visit real Georgian village on the shores of Bazaleti lake, just 1-hour drive from Tbilisi. Village Mlashe (Georgian – salty) is a home to a brand-new sustainable tourism project – local family-run Salty Garden.

tourists on horses in Georgia

Horse riding tour

1 Day | Qedeli | ~9-10 hours

Horseriding is very popular in Georgia and there are plenty of opportunities to ride a horse in different areas of the country. Explore amazingly picturesque and otherworldly East Kakheti landscapes on a horseriding day tour.