One day Bazaleti lake-view village tour

1 Day
  • Bazaleti lakeview restaurant and tavern in Georgia one day culinary tour


Georgian village tour on Bazaleti lake. One day.

Fancy village cuisine with a magic view over mountain lake?

Or maybe you want to finally learn how to cook that famous Georgian dish? The real deal?

Hiking? Want to spend some time walking though the oak-wood forest?

Or simply looking for a calm and refreshing location for a family/friends getaway?


Visit real Georgian village on the shores of Bazaleti lake, just 1-hour drive from Tbilisi.

Village Mlashe (Georgian – salty) is a home to a brand-new sustainable tourism project – local family-run Salty Garden.

The place started in 2019 as a village tavern where truly organic products are grown, cooked and served in a slow-food format. Small kitchen-gardens of fruits, vegetables and greens are supplemented by fresh farm products supplied by other local households. Support local farmers and develop truly local experience are two major goals of David and Tania, a married couple behind the idea.



Apart from fruit garden, that consists of apple, pear, plum, cherry and apricot trees, Salty Garden is now a home to plants like walnut-tree, jujube, bayleaf, area-specific spices, vegetables and herbs. Depending on a season, all of it is used in the kitchen.

Enjoying your all-natural meal with a magic view above the Bazaleti lake, and Caucasus mountains further behind is only a smallest of memories you can take back from the place.


Food masterclass: the real thing!

Don’t just see the final step of Georgian food preparation. Instead, see it all, starting from the very beginning. Follow the Chef to local market and learn how to choose appropriate products. Trim greens and herbs from the garden and take part in the entire process of cooking. Turn your trip into a fun culinary story!


Endemic wines

Hardly any tour in Georgia is imaginable without traditional Georgian wine and chacha tastings. This place is no exception. Endemic wines sourced from the areas local marani’s (wineries): red wines such as Asuretuli Shavi and Danakharuli; and white wines such as Chinebuli and Goruli Mtsvane are in the offer.


Other activities possible on the tour

Depending on your aspirations for the day, following activities can be organized:

  • Gunara forest walk. Hike through oak-wood forest with local guide. You can choose any type between 30-minute long journey up to 3-hour long hike.
  • Bazaleti lake boat trips. Always a great option to unite with the nature in lite mode 🙂
  • Seasonal fruits, vegetables or mushrooms harvest. They say that even if you plant a stick into the Georgian land, it will definitely blossom. So, there is always something to pick-up and harvest in our countryside.


Fill in the tour request form and let us know your preferences for the day. We will be right back with you to discuss all the details and help you create a perfect experience. This lake-view mountain Georgia village tour is surely something you will greatly enjoy!


Meanwhile you may see/download the Salty Garden’s menu


Other tour options:


Our driver will be ready to pick you up at 9:00* am from the location of your choice in Tbilisi.

You will arrive in the village Mlashe at about 10:00 am. Spend your day as per requested plan. Depart back to Tbilisi at 5:00pm.

Kindly let us know which of the options below are those you would like to go ahead with:


  • Just spend a day in the village, enjoy local entourage and have a lunch of your choice
  • True Georgian food cooking experience: starting from the market, picking up products and entire cooking process, followed by the feast! (Requires a full day, so no other options can be added, apart from wine tasting)
  • Wine tasting! Keep exploring different endemic types of Georgian wine. This time it’s Mtianeti’s turn.
  • Oak-wood forest hike is a dream! Discover beautiful nature of the region.
  • Fruits and veg harvest – engage in fun and dynamic activity.


Indicate your choice in the “Comments” section of this day tour request form.


During one day tours accommodation options are not provided.

Price options

Tour price is available upon request, and is calculated based on the exact requirements and the total number of people traveling. Please include this information in the enquiry form.