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All the video tours offered here are free of charge and available for you to watch at any time. Our guides and local partners will share their knowledge and help you experience Georgia the best way possible in the current situation.

This is our way of continuing to operate during coronavirus times, to support our guides, and help other local businesses – while offering you the option to tip the guides (or donate towards our partnerships).

If you’re not in a position to pay, it’s absolutely fine. We will be happy for you to enjoy these video tours of Georgia, and welcome you in person, when the crisis fades away!

We don’t know for sure how much longer the current situation with COVID-19 will last. Travel and tourism is in the midst of a coronavirus crisis, with large-scale events, flights, and countries going into lockdown. Here in Tbilisi, Georgia, we’re facing massive cancellations and future looks a bit uncertain. But we do believe that we will manage to pass the test, and everything will get back to normal.


As a part of the global travel community, we’ve been following recent news incredibly closely. Most importantly, our thoughts are with all those affected, be it directly or indirectly. In particular, we’re working closely with our guides and local partners throughout the country to minimize the disruption to their livelihoods. And our free video Georgia tours from home initiative is aimed at exactly that. To help them sustain themselves during this period.

All video tours are available on our website and on our YouTube channel. Tours are divided into thematic sections (some available already, others to be added soon). Choose the most interesting section for you and enjoy the tour. Tour themes are as follows:

  • Notable Georgian sights
  • Georgian Wine
  • Georgian Tea
  • Georgia Farm Tours
  • Georgian Food
  • “How it’s made?”
  • Love Stories

You may choose below video tours from Latest added, or by theme of interest, or those made by particular guide. 

If you would like to tip your guide or make a donation you may find a relevant button under each video on our website, or a payment link in the video description on YouTube. Thank you in advance!

We’re using PayPal to accept payments, so roughly 5% of each payment goes to them as a payment processing fee. The rest of your tips will be distributed as follows:

  • 70% will go to our guide and/or our local partner
  • 30% will stay with us, which will allow us to keep this website running, to keep our staff members’ salaries, and to help us keep our YouTube channel ads free.

Please note that all videos here are made by our guides, mostly on their own mobile cameras, and they are not professional video makers. As well as us – not professional video editors 🙂 So, kindly do not be harsh on our video and sound quality.

We strongly advice our guides and partners to spend as less time as possible outside of their homes, when making these videos. To keep social distance, wear face masks when required, and to wash their hands when back home.

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