Guide in Tbilisi

Spend the day in Tbilisi | Sightseeing suggestion by GEOTREND

Hospitality first – “Guest is from the God” as local Georgian saying goes.

Sunny, warm, exceptional, truly authentic, historically rich, traditional and at the same time modern; unique Georgian wine, amazing theaters, opera house, fascinating residences, many museums, versatile lifestyles and exceptional architecture – these are the exact words visitors and tourists from all over the world are using to describe Georgia. 

“City that loves you” – the very first phrase one will see when hopping off the board of a plane and entering Tbilisi international airport. Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, is bustling. Whatever the reason for your travel to Georgia is – tourism or business – you are going to surely enjoy this wonderful, contemporary and historical city in the heart of the Caucasus. The most entertaining and fascinating part of the Georgian capital is, of course, its historical Tbilisi area – old town, where churches of a considerable number of religious denominations stand together, where past coexists with present in natural harmony. Sulphur Baths “Abanotubani” environment is the place Tbilisi started its history and become named after. On the opposite side of the baths you’ll see Metekhi Church with a statue of King Vakhtang Gorgasali – the founding father of Tbilisi. Remember to hike (can be substituted by cable car ride) up the Narikala Fortress and enjoy amazing views of the city and the river Mtkvari (also known under the name Kura).

Coming down from the fortress is a separate experience worth mentioning – walking over the old narrow streets, passing by the Mosque and taking stairs down the “Fig’s ravine” to see the waterfall – sudden natural miracle in the middle of the busy city, hidden behind the hill. 

Walk over to the Sharden district of the old town and choose a lunch place from an amazing number of versatile cafes, bars, restaurants – all providing you with unique Georgian wine tastings. Try it! You won’t regret it! Especially if wine will be followed by “chacha” – traditional Georgian grape vodka 🙂 If you’re not a spirits fan ask for local lemonade called “Lagidze’s water” – this comes in different tastes and mixes – start with either chocolate or “tarhoon”. Order “khachapuri”, “khinkali” and “mtsvadi”. Just order these and enjoy. You can then send us a “thank you” not for the recommendations ;). 

After lunch, if you’re still feeling like walking around, stroll over the “Bridge of Piece” and relax for a couple of precious moments in the Rike Park. Ask people to show you directions to the Liberty Square, from which you can continue your tour and see the central street of Tbilisi – Shota Rustaveli avenue. At the monument to one of the most famous Georgian figures – Shota Rustaveli turn your head around until you see an under-bridge road that will lead you towards Mtkvari river’s embankment. Cross it to the other side make your way to the Mardjanishvili square – the renovated avenue (Aghmashenebeli), which is a part of “New Tiflis” city renovation project could be your last and one of the most memorable experiences that day.