Our story in brief

Since you’re here, we thought that you might be interested in learning that…  

United by the single idea of putting Georgia on the map of responsible tourism our team of travel industry professionals decided to leave different level jobs with different travel agencies and local tour operators in order to create GEOTREND. Months of fun brainstorming, research of exciting and interesting ideas, and some planning came down to the very important milestone in our lives – in September 2017 our first Georgia tour options and travel packages went public.

One day tour around Tbilisi

We have managed to gain trust of many travelers, as well as their time, emotions, and money since then 🙂 Some of our guests were kind enough to leave their feedbacks on our TripAdvisor page, motivating us further, and significantly contributing to the improvement of our services, thus making our future travelers experience even better.    

At the first glance it’s probably challenging for you to say what makes us different and standing out from many-many other Georgia travel companies. We also do organize private and individual tours in Georgia and South Caucasus; we also do have scheduled departure small group tours; and of course we do arrange wine tours… 

So why us? Well, we could drone on a lot about our customer service standards, carefully drafted itineraries, handpicked accommodation options, amazing culling process of comfortable transport, and accompanying human beings: guides and drivers. But we won’t. Instead, here is what’s behind our understanding of responsible travel: take nothing but memories and pictures, leave nothing but footprints. The origin of this quote is believed to be unknown. But it is a perfect summary of what GEOTREND is trying to achieve.

We implement eco-friendly aspects into our tours where possible by employing hybrid or electro engine transport, by avoiding usage of plastic as much as possible. While planning and drafting tour programs our travel consultants always put interests of local communities and people first and, even being small, contribute to their sustainability. And this is just a beginning of a much bigger idea of conquering the world turning all of our tours green and responsible. 

And you, as a potential guest of ours, can be rest assured that memories you leave Georgia and South Caucasus which will last much much longer than those of most of your other trips 🙂 Plus, it is a magically wonderful feeling – to be a responsible traveler.  

Last, but not least – if you haven’t made your decision of traveling to Georgia or South Caucasus with us yet, we suggest you to follow us on Facebook, so you’re aware of our updates and exciting travel options we’re drafting now.