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Please see your “Down from Mtatsminda” Quest tours access details below:


Couple of details for you to consider:

  • You can take this tour any time from now.
  • You can enter the Quest tour link and check out all the pre-Quest information, but we would suggest you not to enter your password (at the bottom) before you actually at the Quest starting point, and ready to start the Quest. 
  • In order for the Quest to go smoothly, please make sure your phone (or tablet) is fully charged and connected to the internet.
  • As this is only the beginning of our Quest tour series, we would highly appreciate your honest feedback after you’ve done with it 🙂 



Starting point: The lower station of Tbilisi Funicular on Chonkadze street (map)


Your Quest tour link (open from your phone or tablet when at the starting point):


One-time password:


(please note that this password is active during 3 days from now). 



Have a great time and enjoy your Quest! 🙂 


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