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Recognize Tbilisi

Will you be able to recognize modern Tbilisi locations and places looking at pictures of 100 years and older.

Think you know Tbilisi well? Try our quiz and prove yourself... right or wrong? 🙂

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On this 1907 photo a building that was called "Tbilisi City People's House".

What's there now?

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This is a part of Old Tbilisi, pictured in the late 1890's.

Can you guess what's the name of current Tbilisi district that featured on the photo?

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This square and roundabout has been recently renovated in Tbilisi. This square is currently known under the following name...

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The picture is from 1880's. This is a small street somewhere around famous Tbilisi bath houses. This is one of those streets in the Old Town that has kept its name unchanged through times and political systems.

Do you know its' name?

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This is a 1910 photo of one of the most famous and significant Churches in Tbilisi.

Do you know which one?

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The building on the front of the photo was burnt down by a fire in 1874. And later in early 1900's demolished completely.

What there is now on that place?

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This 1890's photo shows us one of the oldest Churches in Tbilisi (built in the 6th century), proudly standing on the Mtkvari rivers' right bank.

What Church is this?

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What current Tbilisi street is pictured on this 1860 photo?

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This is a beautiful Alexander Nevsky Cathedral Church, pictured in early 1900's Tbilisi. Unfortunately it didn't stand the test of time.

Look closer and guess what's now on the exact same place?

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Pictured is a Hotel "Caucasus" - very famous during its' existence. Currently there is also a very classy hotel. But the building is very different.

Do you know which hotel is there now?

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