Tbilisi – Baku – Tbilisi train tickets

Reserve and book your Tbilisi-Baku and/or return train ticket here. No payment is required at this point. Our consultants will receive your request, check tickets availability on requested dates, and confirm you in writing. Online payment instructions will be sent to you if tickets are available. We advise to reserve Georgia train tickets in advance. At least 2 weeks before intended departure date. During high travel season, from April till October, train tickets are sold out very quick.

Train before departure on Batumi train station

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  • Train ticket Reservation form is a request for Geotrend to check availability of desired train. And, if available, Geotrend will purchase train ticket on your behalf.
  • No payment is required during Reservation form submission.
  • If availability is confirmed, you will be asked to send your, and other accompanying travelers details – i.e. full name and surname, passport photo copy (with all four edges clearly visible). These are required to process the actual train ticket purchase.
  • Prices are inclusive of Geotrend commission and online payment processing fee. Geotrend’s commission for Tbilisi-Baku train tickets varies based on travel class. Our service also involves paper-based train tickets purchase in Tbilisi train station, on your behalf; and delivery to your hotel in Tbilisi.
  • Tbilisi-Baku train tickets are paper-based, and you can pick them up from our office locations in Tbilisi, or order a delivery to your hotel in Tbilisi with no added fee.
  • Baku-Tbilisi tickets are in a form of e-voucher, and it will be sent to your email once purchased.
  • After receiving all the requested information, and payment, we will process your train ticket purchase and send it to you over the email. Emails are sent during Geotrend working hours.
  • Please note that Tbilisi-Baku-Tbilisi train tickets, once purchased, are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.
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Tbilisi – Baku train ticket prices*

  • Compartment for 2 – single one way ticket price is 60 US$
  • Compartment for 4 – single one way ticket price is 40 US$
  • Open carriage – single one way ticket price is 30 US$

*Our prices are higher than that of Railway company, and include our service charge, payment processing fees, and other commissions. 

    Travel Class

    Select departure time from Tbilisi
    Arrival time in Baku 08:50, next day morning
    Select departure time from Baku
    Arrival time in Tbilisi 10:30, next day morning
    "Compartment for 2": One-way single ticket price is $60
    "Compartment for 4": One-way single ticket price is $40
    "Open Carriage": One-way single ticket price $30


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    FAQ about Tbilisi-Baku train

    What is the difference between travel classes?

    • Compartment for 2 – otherwise known as “SV” (stands for Russian Spalny Vagon – sleeping carriage) it is a private compartment for 2 persons, with two sleeping berths / bunks.
    • Compartment for 4 – otherwise known as “CoupĂ©”, it is a 4-bunk private compartments fully separated from each other and a corridor.
    • Open carriage – otherwise also known as “Platzkart” are carriages with different layout comparing to the two types above. With no wall between compartment and corridor, only four bunks along the long sides of the compartment, and two more mounted on the corridor wall, the lower bunk folding in the daytime to become two seats.

    Please note that above travel class types cannot be combined in single carriage. Every carriage within the train is a dedicated one to a particular travel class.

    Is there a restaurant or cafe on the train?

    There is no restaurant or cafe on Tbilisi-Baku trains, so travelers are advised to have their own food/snacks with them. But you can always ask train attendant to sell you tea, water or coffee.

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    The most popular option is getting to Baku from Tbilisi by overnight train. Although train coaches are relatively old Soviet-model types, they are very well modernized, clean and air-conditioned. Each train consist of three different travel classes. First is “SV” (from Russian “spulny vagon” – sleeping wagon) or “Compartment for 2”; another class is “Coupe” or “Compartment for 4” and finally what is called “Platskart” or “Open carriage”.