Tbilisi – Batumi – Tbilisi train tickets

Reserve and book your Tbilisi-Batumi and/or return train ticket here. No payment is required at this point. Our consultants will receive your request, check tickets availability on requested dates, and confirm you in writing. Online payment instructions will be sent to you if tickets are available. We advise to reserve Georgia train tickets in advance. At least 1 week before intended departure date. During high travel season, from April till October, train tickets are sold out very quick. Alternatively you can get to Batumi with our guided transfer service too.

Поезд перед отправкой с вокзала в Батуми

Процесс Бронирования

  1. Заполните форму резервации
  2. Получите на почту подтверждение деталей вашего бронирования и следуйте инструкциям по оформлению билета.
  3. Получите ваш электронный билет на поезд Тбилиси – Батуми (билеты высылаются в рабочие часы).
  4. Желаем приятной поездки!
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  • Train ticket Reservation form is a request for Geotrend to check availability of desired train. And, if available, Geotrend will purchase train ticket on your behalf.
  • No payment is required during Reservation form submission.
  • If availability is confirmed, you will be asked to send your, and other accompanying travelers details – i.e. full name and surname, passport photo copy (with all four edges clearly visible). These are required to process the actual train ticket purchase.
  • Tbilisi – Batumi train tickets prices are inclusive of Geotrend commission.
  • After receiving all the requested information, and payment, we will process your train ticket purchase and send it to you over the email.
  • Train ticket cancellation is refunded in case of minimum 24 hour advance written notice. Please note that in case of cancellation the refund is issued with Geotrend commission fee deducted.
  • Your personal details are treated in accordance with Geotrend’s Privacy Policy.

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Take a sightseeing tour between Tbilisi and Batumi:

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Tbilisi – Batumi train ticket prices*

  • First class – single one way ticket price is 33 US$
  • Second class – single one way ticket price is 17 US$

*Our prices are higher than that of Railway company, and include our service charge, payment processing fees, and other commissions

    Класс билета
    В одну сторонуТуда-Обратно

    Выберите время отбытия из Тбилиси
    Выберите время отбытия из Батуми
    Стоимость билета 1го класса - 33 доллара США
    Стоимость билета 2го класса - 17 долларов США


    Поля отмеченные * обязательны для заполнения

    FAQ about Tbilisi - Batumi train

    What is the difference between 1st and 2nd class?
    First class seats are wider and have a larger legroom.

    Is there a cafe or restaurant on a train?
    Nope, but there are vending machines in each class with a selection of drinks, chocolate bars, sandwiches, nuts, etc.

    How long does it take for a train to cover Tbilisi to Batumi journey?
    It takes exactly 5 hours for the train to cover this distance.

    How well in advance should I arrive on a train station before departure time?
    Train doors are not closed until a very last minute before departure, but it would be safe to always consider traffic and plan your arrival at least 20-30 minutes before scheduled departure time.