Corporate events and meetings locations options

Tbilisi is a rapidly developing city with growing popularity among business and corporate travelers. Companies and organizations from Europe, Asia, Middle East and America are setting their eye on Tbilisi as a place for their internal events such as regional meetings, trainings, corporate sessions, conferences, seminars, presentations, away-office weeks, and other. Increasing demand for relevant locations and venues has led to the rise in offers on Georgian hospitality market, with Tbilisi being a prime stage.

GEOTREND has established several lucrative agreements with the major Hotels in Tbilisi providing its clients with highly beneficial offers. The Hotels range we cooperate with gives us an opportunity to provide MICE locations and venue options for companies and organizations of all kind of businesses and operational segments, budget limits, as well as pursuing different objectives with their corporate travel.

Click on the Hotel name below to see the conference rooms descriptions, and let us know which of the options you would like us to arrange for your corporate event.

MICE venues in Tbilisi